Karen Ward-Wilder
P. O. Box 64276, Rochester, NY  14624
 Writings for Rent

                      Dramatic Skits and Plays written by Amazon's Bestselling Author Karen Ward-Wilder

                 Schools, Churches, Community Organizations, Block Clubs, Book Clubs, Family Reunions
 Do you want to do something different for your event or organization?  Instead of having to take the time to write an  
 educational dramatic skit or play- You can instantly order them.  They are a great opportunity to promote open  
 discussion for youth and adult groups
                                            ​* Dramatic Skits- Up to 30 Minutes             * Plays- 45 Minutes - 1 Hour
                                    To Rent dramatic skits or plays- Send your request by going to Contact page.

    Karen has combined her psychology degree and passion to write, to develop these educational literary works.  Her 
         writings are realistic which includes such topics as bullying, peer pressure, abuse, teen pregnancy, addition,  
              developing positive self-worth, motivation to obtain employment, and several other educational topics.
                                 Dramatic Skits

  * Free As A Bee (Youth)
  * God's Rainbow (Youth)
  * Save The World (Adult) (YA with supervision)
  * Freedom In The Motherland (Youth & Adults)

 * The King's Men

              (Adapted from the book written by
               Author Karen Ward-Wilder)